The Life and Times of Paul Raymond After starting his show business career as a mind-reader in a cabaret act, Paul Raymond went on to become Britain's richest man and a modern King Midas. With an entrepreneurial eye and a realisation that sex sells, he began building his empire of gentleman's clubs, adult magazines and nude theatre - provoking outrage and titillation in equal measure.
The Early Years
Geoffrey Anthony Quinn, born 15 November 1925, adopts the stage name Paul Raymond.

Raymond moves to London where he gets a job in a pub in Walthamstow. He puts together a variety show called Vaudeville Express, within which he gives himself top billing as “The Man Who Baffles The Press”.
In June 1951 two of Raymond’s former tap-dancers appear at the Queen’s Park Hippodrome under the title of “Nudes in the Night”. At that stage semi-naked women were only allowed on stage provided they didn't move.

Raymond follows up this show with The Festival of Nudes, its title a playful homage to the Festival of Britain, which was taking place in London.
Raymond sets up the Paul Raymond Variety Agency, which rents offices on Charing Cross Road. He presses ahead with his career as a producer of variety shows. His next show is the unambiguously titled, We Strip Tonight.
Paul marries a dancer named Jean Bradley, whom he’d met earlier that year.
Terry Cantor and Jean Raymond [Zsa Zsa] 1953 Terry Cantor and Jean Raymond [Zsa Zsa] 1953
His daughter, Deborah Jane Raymond is born.
During a show at the Empire Theatre, Nottingham, one of the lions in an act entitled “Nudes in the Lions' Den” attacks the lion-tamer. The incident provides him with enormous publicity.
Le Cirque Nu De Paris
Raymond opens the Raymond Revuebar in Walker’s Court, Soho. During its opening week, it generates £10,000 in membership fees alone.
The Sixties
The Raymond Revuebar continues to thrive. Its customers include showbusiness stars such as Peter Sellers, John Mills, Alma Cogan, Laurence Harvey, Trevor Howard, Michael Redgrave, Diana Dors and Dickie Valentine.
The Beatles with Jan Carson, a performer at the Revuebar, September 1967 The Beatles with Jan Carson, a performer at the Revuebar
September 1967
The Beatles use the Revuebar to film a sequence for their Magical Mystery Tour
The Seventies
Raymond stages the sex farce, Pyjama Tops, at the Whitehall Theatre. Though it’s panned by the critics, it becomes a huge box office hit.
Raymond splits up with his wife and subsequently gets into a relationship with Julia Harrison, one of the cast of Pyjama Tops.
Raymond buys and then revamps the pin-up magazine, Men Only. Under the pseudonym, Fiona Richmond, his girlfriend Julia Harrison gets a job as a columnist for the magazine.
323,000 copies of Men Only are seized by the police. Raymond is successfully prosecuted for obscenity.
Raymond's wife, Jean Raymond, divorces him. Their divorce settlement is the highest so far in British legal history.
He stages a spectacular Las Vegas-style stage show called Royalty Folies. It stars his daughter, Debbie. But the show proves a costly failure.
Debbie Raymond marries Jonathan HodgeDebbie Raymond marries Jonathan Hodge.
Raymond rents the Boulevard Theatre—a small venue adjoining the Revuebar—to The Comic Strip, a comedy troupe featuring Nigel Planer, Alexei Sayle, Rik Mayall and others.
His daughter, Debbie, dies of a drug overdose. She leaves behind two daughters, Fawn and India, who are brought up by Debbie’s second husband, John James.
BusinessAge magazine proclaims him Britain's richest man, estimating his personal fortune at £1.5 billion.
BusinessAge magazine proclaims him Britain's richest man
Raymond's business now has an annual turnover of £42 million. He is paid a salary of £3.5 million-per-year.
Gérard Simi, Raymond’s long-standing choreographer, who took over the Revuebar in 1997, places the venue into administration.
Raymond's health has been declining for several years and he dies in hospital. He bequeaths all but a fraction of his estate to his grand-daughters, Fawn and India.
THE LOOK OF LOVE, the film based on Paul Raymond's life, is released in cinemas across the UK
“To be the worst play for twenty years is almost as
good as being the best play for twenty years!
Trust me - we have a hit!”
Steve Coogan as Paul Raymond
“There’ll always be sex – always, always, always.
It's simply that a normal, healthy chap likes to
see a pretty girl without any clothes on”
Paul Raymond
“Remember there's only one thing
worse than being talked about Jimmy,
and that's not being talked about.”
Steve Coogan as Paul Raymond
“Not bad for a boy who came from Liverpool
with 5 bob in his pocket.”
Steve Coogan as Paul Raymond
“Soho is the heart
of London.
We are going to
buy up as much of
it as we can“
Steve Coogan as Paul Raymond
The Eighties
The Nineties
The Legacy
The Look of Love
The Look of Love Opening night of Lolita at the Curzon Soho 1962
The Look of Love
The Look of Love Carole Ryva, one of the Revuebar's top performers.
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Marjorie Davies © Marjorie Davies
The Look of Love
Steve Coogan as Paul Raymond
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